Harbor Gateway Business Center

Harbor Gateway Business Center
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Harbor Gateway Business Center is a 75 acre master planned business park that is situated in Costa Mesa, CA. Pacific Coast Arborists & Consultants manages the tree population of this high image network of multi-tenant and corporate buildings using a variety of services: tree pruning, health care, GPS mapping and even bonsai pruning. Harbor Gateway's commitment to progressive thinking is one of the reasons they remain at the forefront of Orange County's real estate market.

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"Thank you for your excellent, efficient and top-notch tree trimming service you have been providing CZ Master Association over the past several years. The workmanship is outstanding and your crews are always cooperative, complete their tasks in a timely manner and do an excellent job. All your efforts on behalf of the association are appreciated. We look forward to a continued working relationship."

Tracy Williams - CZ Master Association Landscape Coordinator
Keystone Pacific Property Management, Inc.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

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