Safety, Ethics, and Expertise

Don't leave the care of your living investment to chance

Too often, landscape companies offer tree service without satisfying the legal, ethical, business, and training requirements for proper tree care. There is no substitute for properly-trained arborists.

As certified arborists, we adhere to high industry standards and are committed to:

Public Safety
Our tree workers are trained and certified annually to make sure that they always take proper precautions and handle complicated equipment in the safest manner possible.

It is our belief that open, honest communication will lead to a stronger relationship and more opportunities to serve you in the future. In cases when work you request is either unnecessary or not in the best interest of your trees, we will always let you know.

Doing What is Best for Trees
By applying our vast arboricultural knowledge, we ensure that your trees receive the best care and are never subjected to poor practices. The following is a brief overview of our approach in several important areas of tree work:

  • Pruning - We discourage topping or over-pruning, which can harm or even kill a tree. Instead, we focus on achieving a more natural state of fewer, but stronger branches.
  • Branch Cuts - To promote better healing, we remove branches only along the branch collar. “Flush cuts” are never in our repertoire because cutting beyond branch tissue damages the trunk and makes it susceptible to decay.
  • Cabling - We use high, loose, shock-absorbing cables to fit a tree’s “biological profile” as opposed to low or tight cables, which can only make potential problems worse.
  • Mulching - We avoid over-mulching, which traps moisture and leaves trees susceptible to basal rot, fungus infestation, and oxygen depletion. Rather, we distribute a light layer, protecting the trunk from lawn equipment and preventing grass from competing with roots for water.

A Complete Range of Professional Tree Services

Based on your specific needs and budget, we will deliver any combination of services, including:

Tree Development

Pruning, Planting, Preservation, Removal

Tree Health Care

Insect Treatment, Disease Control Soil Remediation, Fertilization


Site Planning, Preservation, Hazard Assessment, Diagnosis,Tree Management Strategies


"We have been using Pacific Coast Arborists' services for over 2 years and continue to be impressed. In addition to quickly and successfully resolving our emergency tree care needs, they have significantly improved the safety and visual appeal of our entire tree population. Because of PCA's expertise and responsive service, our trees are now a source of beauty rather than a liability."

Mary McGee - Board Member
California Renaissance HOA
Aliso Viejo, CA

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